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God simply stated

What is God? Who is God? How do we praise God? Worship God? What does God look like?

First, let me say that this is solely my opinion and information gathered on my experiences. I will put it in the simplest terms and keep it short, as I could go on and on.
I believe spirituality is a gateway to God. Spirituality and God go hand and hand. You may think you have one without the other, but Spirit is God. God is spirit. I feel that unless you reach them both, you will not fully know the experience of life on earth that is God. Once you reach this place, it is beyond amazing and your life will never be the same.

God is everything that makes you feel good and want to do good. When you see a butterfly and you smile…that is God. When you feel the need to help someone or do something kind. That need is God.
How you praise/worship God is your decision. What you are comfortable with. What you can relate to, to get closer to God. Religions are in fact what we have created to do so. Regardless of your religion and your beliefs inside of your religion, the simple belief that there is something Great that has created all that is good and beautiful is the basis of all religion. From there, we have created rules, laws, and paths to follow to reach us to that Greater place. Heaven. God.
God uses me as a vessel to help someone everyday. It is the best feeling I have ever had. He is the reason I decided to share my story and start my blog. I thought that my experience was something I was supposed to keep between him and I, but I quickly realized that is not what he had planned. He had something far greater in store for me. I am truly blessed everyday to have Him so close, to me.

If you need help. A new path, or answers, reach out to me.


It’s your journey.

Victoria ~

Would you head into oncoming traffic?

I open an app everyday, well often, called “bbh Daily Devotions” (Baptist Bible Hour).  No, I am not Baptist, but I don’t think that matters when following our God, your God.   That is the subject for my next blog. Stay tuned…

So when I saw today’s devotion, I had (as Oprah would say) an “ah-ha” moment. Is that how she spells it???  

How simply it is said, how true it is, and how quickly we forget. Let this devotion set in today-into the night-as you interact with the world, meditate, take care of your family, or go to sleep. You might be asking God to help you turn away from what you know is not “good”. 


Victoria ~

Enter not into the path of the wicked…Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away

– Proverbs 4:14-15

Have you ever been stuck in slow-moving traffic, only to discover finally that the entire delay was caused by people rubber-necking an accident on the other side of the highway? If so, didn’t you wish afterward that you could have caught the traffic report that morning on the radio and avoided the scene altogether?

Similarly, Solomon writes to his son to encourage him to altogether avoid situations that could potentially entangle him in sin. The best approach, Solomon says, is to avoid the scene of wickedness altogether.

However, if you do have to engage such an environment (e.g. at work, at home, in the barracks), this wise father counsels: don’t be guilty of “rubber-necking” the sin around you. Avoid it, don’t go near it, get away from it as quickly as you can.

The magazine rack at the supermarket, with provocative poses on almost every cover? Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away. The flirty co-worker at the office? Avoid him, pass not by her, turn from the temptation as quickly as possible and go on your way. The same wisdom applies to ungodly classmates, illicit entertainment, or unhealthy atmospheres.

Will others think you’re strange for so conscientiously avoiding sinful distractions and potential shipwrecks for your faith? Yes, especially if they are rushing headlong toward it themselves. But Solomon is not concerned with what others think — he is concerned about you!

Dear child, Solomon encourages, if you are caught up in any sin or temptation, turn from it immediately and change your path. There is no shame in repentance, but there is nothing but shame in the way of sin.

The Power of a Friendship


This morning I realized that this virus I have had all week, is not going away! I had plans for brunch this morning with a friend that I do not speak to or see often.  I had to cancel, which I don’t like to do.  I grudgingly sent her a text this morning with my explanation and  apologies.  Her response was not something I was used to.  She was totally ok with it, and offered to help or bring me soup after she got out of church.  I am so used to doing and taking care of everyone else, that I was so touched that she offered to help me.  Of course I declined and told her how much her offer meant to me.

My point is that we all have friends.  They all serve different purposes in our lives.  Some will be temporary, and teach us valuable lessons.  Some will be there to help when we need it.  Some will be there, only for us to be there for them.  Friendship has always been a battle for me.  Do I continue to friend the ones who only need me, and have no intention of being there when I may need them?  I believe now, that we let God guide us thru these friendships.  I will continue to help those friends until there is nothing else I can help them with.  It took me a long time to learn to go with your intuition (your gut) when you meet someone.  If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.  My friends are like angels to me and I will continue to be a spirit guide to them.

Think about your friendships today.  What is the meaning behind them?  Are there lessons to be learned with them?  Are you cherishing the friendships you have?  Are you being the best you can be in these friendships?  Are they being the best they can be?

It’s something to think about…

It’s your Journey




Good Morning!  I am so excited to start my blog today and reaching out to the ones who need it.  I think we all need a little help now and then, right?  I’m hoping to answer some of the questions or conflicts you may have in your typical life as a mom, wife, friend, spouse; or in your spiritual life.  I have been thru and learned so much in my 41 years.  My daughter is 17 and my son is 10, so there’s a couple of lessons I’ve learned there.  I love being a wife, I like to cook, craft, read, and socialize with good friends.  Finding time for all of these things is another story.

I ask you to please click the “About” link and read a short version of how my life changed on May 20, 2016.  I look forward to your responses, questions, and stories of your journey.  It doesn’t have to involve a near-death experience.  We all reach a time in our lives where we change and sometimes we are not sure why.  We feel the need to get closer to our God, or do “better”.  We no longer want to be the person we have been or …

It’s your journey.


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