We here it all of the time… “have Faith”. We say we understand and we have faith. But do we really know what Faith is? Do we really rely on it and use our Faith when we desperately need it?

Amongst a series of difficulties that seem to never end, I have been tested of my Faith. I was told repeatedly by the same friend to have Faith. “I have Faith. Of course I do. Why is this friend constantly reminding me of Faith?” I wanted a different answer to my problems. And then I realized, Faith was the answer. And while I said I had Faith, I wasn’t practicing Faith. When I actually paid attention, I realized I wanted an answer. An easy fix. And at the time, Faith seemed so hard to have during a time like this. This friend again sent me an email reminding me to have faith. I stopped what I was doing and thinking and started to pray. Begging for Faith. As I had not had in quite a while. When I concentrated and prayed, I began to have Faith, and guess what? Things became easier to handle. Everyday started with a smile instead of a dread to starting the day.

Why do we make life so hard by struggling to find the easy fix, when the easy fix has been there all along? I’ve learned that I will forever be challenged and I will forever need my Faith in my God.

I will always search for the better me, and while growing and healing, I will always have Faith.

It’s your journey~