For most of us, in life we love. We love our parents, siblings, friends, and eventually, we love our significant other. Love is what makes us feel good. Safe. Protected. It’s our happy place. And then…we get angry with our parents, we fight with our siblings, we lose friends, and most of the time, we go thru a few mates before we find the right one. That is, if we are lucky enough to find the right one.
We love our parents, so we get over the anger. We love our siblings, so we say sorry, kiss and make up. If there is mutual love between friends, you make up. If not, you don’t. When you extremely disagree (argue/fight) with your significant other, what do you do? Your relationship is stronger than a friend, and pretty close to the bond with your family. Do you stay? or do you go? Several factors will ultimately play into your decision, but I believe that this relationship will provide more lessons than any other. It requires you to look inside yourself, grow as a person, have ultimate respect for the other, show consideration, sacrifice, and so much more. It is an incredible amount of work to get to the goal, which is “till death do us part”.

Do you sometimes wonder if you’re strong enough?  Do you struggle with it being the “right” decision to leave or stay?  I think it is as simple as you asking yourself if whatever relationship you are in is breaking your soul?  Like Glennon, I believe you should save your soul.