The best part of not forgetting where you came from, is being who you truly are. 
The purest form of your soul is at birth. By the time we reach our 20’s and 30’s, we are molded into what we have been taught, surrounded by, and influenced by. 
For myself, it was literally right before I turned 40 that I realized how badly I wanted to be me! That required a lot of soul searching which led me to a whole new world. 

I must say, it’s amazing to be able to be myself and no longer what anything or anyone else wants me to be. However, I am still very attached to my roots. There is a sense of comfort and peace about where I started out. The good times and the bad times. Maybe it’s because I learned major life lessons in that time, which has made me partly who I am today. Regardless, don’t forget who and where you came. It’s a very significant and imperative step to completing your journey. 

It’s your journey!

Victoria ~