Hilly Road
23 Mar 2005, Hawaii, Hawaii, USA — Hilly Road — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

One of the most difficult things I have struggled with since I can remember.  The difference between a life that is mine and authentic, or a life that I’m “supposed” to live.  Don’t know what I’m talking about yet? Here’s how most of my life has played out:

“I need to be a perfect mother.  I need to have perfect kids.  I need to live in a perfect house, with a perfect family and go to the best schools.  I need to be supermom, go to church every Sunday, and make dinner every night.  I need to be accepted and have spectacular parties and make sure everyone knows who I am.   And last but not least, I need to be skinny to be pretty. ”

Sound familiar?  What a torturous life to live.  Torture by your life that is the furthest from REAL or authentic.  A life that, in the end, will give you all of the perfect imperfections to be miserable, empty, and lonely.

So, what is an authentic life?  What is REAL?  The habit of the opposite may be hard to break and will take some training on your part.  Take a few minutes one day and ask yourself what makes you happy?  What makes you feel good?  What makes you feel accomplished, and what really matters to you if today were your last day on earth?  Think about these questions and your answers every chance you get.  Your mind will start to explore itself and you will soon start to “get it”.  Once you “get it”, if you truly believe in it, you will start to change.  Probably slowly and with slight changes, here and there.  This will be the beginning of a new journey in your life.  It will be controlled by you and only you.  How exciting!

God Bless you all!  It’s your journey 🙂