So here I am starting my blog and writing about whatever God guides me to talk about. I pray, meditate and I write about whatever I am guided to say. Who would of thought that just a few days ago, I would write about friendships and then lose a friend shortly after. I reread my blog post and realized that as I was trying to help others make strong decisions and look into their friendships, it was maybe my friendships I should have been loooking into. The saddest part is I lost a friend over faith, but not because of faith. So as I questioned everything after this incident. Am I doing the right thing? Is this what God had in store when He chose me to help others? Am I failing Him? This morning I am putting it behind me and continuing on my journey. There’s a couple of things I’ve learned from this…never give up or let someone bring you down or away from your faith, and listen to your God or your intuition. He has always been there for you and he is the one friend who will never leave you. 

It’s your journey. 

Victoria ~