What is God? Who is God? How do we praise God? Worship God? What does God look like?

First, let me say that this is solely my opinion and information gathered on my experiences. I will put it in the simplest terms and keep it short, as I could go on and on.
I believe spirituality is a gateway to God. Spirituality and God go hand and hand. You may think you have one without the other, but Spirit is God. God is spirit. I feel that unless you reach them both, you will not fully know the experience of life on earth that is God. Once you reach this place, it is beyond amazing and your life will never be the same.

God is everything that makes you feel good and want to do good. When you see a butterfly and you smile…that is God. When you feel the need to help someone or do something kind. That need is God.
How you praise/worship God is your decision. What you are comfortable with. What you can relate to, to get closer to God. Religions are in fact what we have created to do so. Regardless of your religion and your beliefs inside of your religion, the simple belief that there is something Great that has created all that is good and beautiful is the basis of all religion. From there, we have created rules, laws, and paths to follow to reach us to that Greater place. Heaven. God.
God uses me as a vessel to help someone everyday. It is the best feeling I have ever had. He is the reason I decided to share my story and start my blog. I thought that my experience was something I was supposed to keep between him and I, but I quickly realized that is not what he had planned. He had something far greater in store for me. I am truly blessed everyday to have Him so close, to me.

If you need help. A new path, or answers, reach out to me.


It’s your journey.

Victoria ~