This morning I realized that this virus I have had all week, is not going away! I had plans for brunch this morning with a friend that I do not speak to or see often.  I had to cancel, which I don’t like to do.  I grudgingly sent her a text this morning with my explanation and  apologies.  Her response was not something I was used to.  She was totally ok with it, and offered to help or bring me soup after she got out of church.  I am so used to doing and taking care of everyone else, that I was so touched that she offered to help me.  Of course I declined and told her how much her offer meant to me.

My point is that we all have friends.  They all serve different purposes in our lives.  Some will be temporary, and teach us valuable lessons.  Some will be there to help when we need it.  Some will be there, only for us to be there for them.  Friendship has always been a battle for me.  Do I continue to friend the ones who only need me, and have no intention of being there when I may need them?  I believe now, that we let God guide us thru these friendships.  I will continue to help those friends until there is nothing else I can help them with.  It took me a long time to learn to go with your intuition (your gut) when you meet someone.  If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.  My friends are like angels to me and I will continue to be a spirit guide to them.

Think about your friendships today.  What is the meaning behind them?  Are there lessons to be learned with them?  Are you cherishing the friendships you have?  Are you being the best you can be in these friendships?  Are they being the best they can be?

It’s something to think about…

It’s your Journey